back againn

2014-02-06 15:52:40 by trifle-confusion

been away for a little while there! but now I'm back and with a new artwork! I'm pretty busy atm with the next term of university starting again, so idk how often I will upload more works. on the other hand, I still have a couple of old works I'm kinda proud of, so I'll be uploading those if I haven't made anything new for a while :)

I'm also working on some pixel art stuff, idk whether I'll upload it here - that's if I ever finish it. it's a big project, gonna have about 60 animated characters in it :p depending on how well it turns out, I may or may not upload it here :p

then again, I don't really know what category to upload it to..

Luigi <-- where would this go? just pixel art? or somewhere else, coz it's moving?

Luigi's not gonna be in the big pixel project though. in fact, none of the characters will be shaded either, coz that simply takes too much time XD

this is what I have so far for the project. not a whole lot XD

Junko ZuzouAmayaMiura NaokiAkao Nakayoshi

well that's all for now. oh and if you have a critique for the animations above, please leave a comment ^^

New ID?

2014-01-17 17:24:20 by trifle-confusion

I finally have a new ID, one that isn't as boring as the one I have now. but it would seem that NG disagrees, for no matter what I try, it won't let me change it XD


hahaha wtfff now my ID's suddenly changed XD what is going on lol



in other news, I've joined and am joining a ton of contests, so expect more artworks soon. I've uploaded one new artwork already, and there are at least 2 more to come in the near future :p 

what else.. I recently watched one of the best Magnum episodes ever! if you like action detective kinda stuff, then you'll like Magnum, P.I. :)

Season 2, episode 19: Double jeopardy

Magnum joins in with this movie team to get closer to one of his idols. in one of the scene, his idol shoots her husband with a propgun as part of the act, but the propgun has real bullets in it for some reason, so the husband really gets shot and ends up in a critical state. the question is: who put real guns in the propgun and why?  I'm not saying more, I don't want to spoil it, but afslkfmakl this episode is so good! if you're bored, I suggest you watch it! :D  


2014-01-07 17:24:01 by trifle-confusion


I just joined, checking out how everything works :P

also not too sure about my current profile image, will probably whip up something a little better in a couple of days.

sweet, a horizontal line.

My latest drawing: Assurancetourix chilling in the forest

on the right we have my latest drawing, which you can find on my dA account as well. it's Assurancetourix chilling in the forest.









the first video I ever embed!!

That will be all. Have a good day.